Hozelock 3354 1500LPH Cascade Waterfall and Fountain Pump

Hozelock cascade pond pump review? So you are planning your new garden layout and are set on having a pond as a nice focal point and something nice to keep the kids happy, as they watch the fish grow and swim around.  It is not a matter of digging a hole and filling it with water, to leave it to nature.  If you did that, the water would inevitably become toxic and the wildlife you had living in it would die.  This is why when you are planning to install a pond, you also need to figure the investment of a good quality pond pump into your budget.

More than just an appliance for keeping your pond clean though, a good pump will be able to push the water through various water features and fountain/waterfall set-ups you may wish to have to give your pond an extra bit of drama.  over the last couple of decades, there has been a real explosion in the variety of pumps there are to choose from.  This can make it feel like you are manoeuvring through a minefield.  But, Hozelock are a very popular brand and let’s take a closer look at why we feel you should consider the Hozelock 3354 1500LPH Cascade Waterfall and Fountain pump for your pond.


This particular pump, as the vast majority of those on this site are, is a submersible type.  This means it can be placed directly into the water and connected from there to whatever filters or water features you may wish to have setup.  Hozelock have made this Cascade model with the specific purpose of it being used with water feature such as waterfalls and fountains.

Maximum Flow Rate

As indicated in the name of the pump, this pond pump produces a maximum flow rate of 1500 litres per hour.  and a maximum head heigh of 1.8 mitres.  It may not seem like enough, but it has been designed for use with fountains and waterfall features.


Although we were unable to find the specific outlet measurements and dimensions, it is safe to say you will not find it difficult to fit this with various water features and to use it to create waterfalls, as it comes with a number of attachments and accessories for that purpose.

Power Usage

For a relatively low price, this Hozelock pump unsurprisingly does not feature a particularly juicy motor.  The power rating for this pump is just 33 Watts.  However, as you will see further down the page, there have been many customers who have recommended this pump and who think it produces enough power for the price.


We all feel a bit joyful when we feel our money has gone far.  With the Hozelock 3354 1500LPH Cascade Waterfall and Fountain pump, it is good to note that as well as the pump itself and the necessary cabling to connect it to the mains, it also comes with a wide variety of extras.  These include a base to add a certain degree of stability to the pump when it is submerged and an anti-clogging foam free inlet cage for easier maintenance and cleaning, a special outlet for water features and waterfalls that has quick connect hose coupling and an adjustable telescopic fountain pipe.  For the relatively low price, this is more than enough to help you individualise and make your pond stand out.


Hozelock know how important it is for customers to feel confident in purchases and put their money where their mouth is by placing a full 3 year’s warranty against their products, including the Hozelock 3354 1500LPH Cascade Waterfall and Fountain pump.

What is Included In The Box?

  • 1 Hozelock 3354 1500LPH Cascade Waterfall and Fountain Pump
  • Base plate for added stability
  • Special outlet for water features and waterfalls
  • Quick connect hose coupling
  • Adjustable telescopic fountain pipe


  • Competitively priced
  • Robust and stable design
  • Anti-clogging foam free inlet cage for easier maintenance
  • fully adjustable telescopic fountain pipe
  • Special outlet designed specifically for water features and waterfalls
  • Adjustable flow
  • Long lasting
  • Versatile
  • Very quick and straight forward to set up
  • 3 year warranty


  • Some customers have commented about issues with the anti-clogging inlet.  However, there are also customers who have said it worked fine.
  • Other customers have questioned the validity of the 3 year warranty

Customer Comments

We always like to spend a little bit of time looking at the customer comments and reviews section before we purchase anything and we always recommend that visitors to this site do the same.  Although there has only been 126 reviews submitted to Amazon UK regarding the Hozelock 3354 1500LPH Cascade Waterfall and Fountain Pump, they all provide an interesting insight into what this product is like.

It would be far-fetched to think that any product was perfect and this pump is no different.  There have been more than a few customers who have been less impressed with the terms of their warranty, when they have tried to sort out issues with the pump and others were just not happy with the functionality of it.  However, there is a relatively large percentage of people who reviewed the pump who are delighted with it.

81 of the 126 awarded it the full 5 star rating and many of them, we noted, were repeat customers, who purchased this Hozelock for a previous model or the same model that they had been using for years with no problems at all.


When looking for a suitable pond pump for whatever setup you have at home, it is always good to look beyond just the price and what the manufacturers have stated about their products.  Looking over the above, it is clear to see that the Hozelock 3354 1500LPH Cascade Waterfall and Fountain Pump that it offers great value for money and an assortment of accessories that give you the versatility to make it suit your own pond plans.  When you consider also the customer comments, although not everyone has had a good experience, the response to this pump has been a positive one overall.

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