All Pond Solutions Filter/Pump/Fountain Review

If you are looking to add a point of interest to your garden, you may be thinking of installing a small pond. Regardless of whether you want it to have a fountain or water feature or fish, there is a lot more to think about than just making space for it, lining it and filing it. You need to invest in a pond pump at the very least to keep up the maintenance.

This option from All Pond Solutions may be a good investment as it not only includes a pond pump, but is actually an all-in-one system comprising of a pump, filter, steriliser and fountain.

The Pump

The pump in this set is a 2000 Litres per hour pump, that provides you with easy access to the shaft area and impeller for hassle-free and fast maintenance. There are two impellers included with the set, one already attached and one replacement.

The Steriliser

The pump features a built-in 9 watt UV steriliser which helps to eradicate and prevent the build-up of the unpleasant growth of algae. It features a hole on the top of the unit and viewing rum that enables you to ensure that the UV light is always operational.

The Filter

The filtration of this system includes a three-part filtration system. There are masifan stones biological filtering, a small fine foam in the unit’s head and a large coarse filter in the unit’s body.

The Fountain

To give this filter a bit of interest, there are four different attachments. This enables you to have various types of water displays in your pond and it also includes a splitter with a T-outlet which allows you to divert the water running through it to a waterfall. The flow rate of both the flow-rate and fountain can be adjusted. This gives you full control over the amount of water and fountain strength.

How The All Pond Solutions CUP-1209 Works

Water comes into the pump at the end and middle of the unit, passing first through the masifan stones and then through the coarse foam filter. After that, the water is then passed over the UV 9 watt light bulb and then before it leaves the unit and back into the pond again, it passes into the other finer foam filter.

Finally, the water then exits the system and passes into the pond again or the fountain that comes with the unit, if you choose to use it and/or an additional feature.


There should always be a warranty for products and services, so that if there are issues or faults that are not your responsibility, you are covered for repairs and replacements. The All Pond Solutions CUP-1209 comes with a full 12 month warranty.

What’s In The Box?

  • 2000 litres per hour pump (featuring two impellers, one on the unit, one replacement)
  • UV 9 watt bulb steriliser
  • Coarse foam filter
  • Fine foam filter
  • Masifan stones
  • Four fountain attachments
  • T-outlet splitter
  • 10 metres of cabling


If you are planning a small pond, whether it’s for fish or not, and need a cost-effective solution to keeping it clean while giving it some life – this is definitely a product worth considering. For the same price as some pumps, you get an all-in-one system. This makes it a nice entry product to get you started with the limited amount of hassle.


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