All Pond Solutions UV Sterilizer Filter Pump Review

Do you have a pond already or are you planning on establishing one in your garden? It’s not hard to see why you’d want to, as ponds are a very easy way to add some a focal point to an otherwise plain garden and can also be great for attracting wildlife, if that’s what you desire.

One product you might want to consider for your new pond is the All Pond Solutions All-In-One CUP-311 System. Rather than just being a pump on its own, it is a whole system that features a UV sterilizer, filters, pump and fountain attachments. This makes it an ideal purchase for a beginner looking to get everything from one place.

The Pump

All Pound Solutions have ensured that there is a powerful enough in this system, giving you a little bit extra bang for your buck, in the form of the pump. It is capable of pumping 2,500 liters of water every hour. The pump in this system has also been designed with cleaning and maintenance in mind it would seem, thanks to the ease at which you can access and remove the pump from the rest of the unit.

The 11 Watt UV Sterilizer

The next component of the CUP-311 we will discuss is the 11 watt UV Sterilizer Often you have to buy a pump and sterilizer separate, which not only costs more money than this single unit but can be harder trying to install in a pond. The sterilizer acts as a defense against algae growth. To help you keep track of whether its on or off, it features an ‘on/off’ switch.

The Filters

There are four types of filters used in this system – one large coarse filter and three filter media baskets. Two of the baskets are filled with ceramic biological filter media and in the last one there is K1 filter media.

The Fountain

As with other All Food Solutions’ pond pump systems, the CUP-311 features a fountain kit, that consists of three different attachments which can give you a variety of options as a finishing touch to your pond.

How The All Pond Solutions CUP-1209 Works

Pond water is pumped into the system, first being pushed into the coarse filter foam, and then onto each basket of filter media, before passing over the UV light. It is arranged this way so that the UV hits the water only after it has been filtered through the baskets first. The water enters the system through the casing.

Once the water has been filtered, it then exits the system via an additional feature or the included fountain setup or if you do not need a water feature of any sort – straight back into the pond.


When you are buying virtually anything, you undoubtedly expect there to be some sort of warranty or guarantee. This is where the company takes their money and puts it where their mouth is. The CUP-311 offers good value for money as it comes with a full 24 month warranty from the manufacturer.

What’s In The Box?

  • 2,500 litres per hour pump
  • UV 11 watt bulb sterilizer
  • Coarse filter foam
  • Ceramic stones media
  • K1 plastic media
  • Three fountain attachments
  • 10 meters of cabling


All in all, if you want to have everything you need in one fell swoop…this is the purchase you might want to consider. With all the necessary components, a reasonable price tag and a great value warrant, what more could you ask for?


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