Anself 1.8Watt Solar Power Water Pump Garden Fountain

In the UK we all love our gardens and love to put our own individual stamp on them.  Although this is another pump that is not really a pump, it is worth mentioning because it could be a nice little addition to a rockery, birdbath or other small corners of your garden.  Do you like that trickling sound of a fountain or other water feature, but don’t have a pond to place a pump in?  This could be the ideal thing for you.  Let’s take a look at what this miniature water fountain pump has to offer.

Why Should You Consider This Mini Fountain Pump?

Miniature Sized

This really is the smallest fountain pump we think we have ever come across.  It is actually so small it could fit in a pint glass very easily.  Despite its diminutive design and construction, it still can produce a relatively tall (for what it is) stream of water.  Certainly enough for the kinds of places you are likely to set it up.

To be clear, as we have said on other posts about similar items, this is in no way going to be a suitable alternative to a full-size water pump.  It should be seen as a nice little novelty item to add a little bit of watery drama and spectacle to a section of your garden that is looking a bit drab.  Completely solar-powered, the strength and height of the water flow (which will never be that high) depends on how strong the sunlight is on a particular day.  Therefore, if it is very sunny, this fountain will spring into action and you will get that relaxing and surprisingly audible sound of trickling water.  However, if the sunlight is poor, it will not work as well.

Solar Powered

If you are constantly looking to reduce your carbon footprint and electricity bills, then this solar-powered feature may suit you.  It is not powered by a mains adaptor and is not powered by a battery.  It is powered simply by the 16 cm solar panel on the pump.  Once fully immersed in water, it will produce a flow and height of water depending on the amount of sunlight and solar energy.

Therefore, if the sunlight is strong enough, the pump will start to work and will keep the fountain running; whereas if the sunlight is not as strong, it will stop and start repeatedly.  The maximum flow rate this solar driven pump is capable of at peak is 200 litres per hour and it is capable of producing a height of 1.1 metres.


  • Completely solar powered
  • Does not require a battery
  • Does not require additional or external power supplies
  • This is best suited to a small rockery or another small body of water.  Due to its size and design, it can be utilised in various unique places, as long as it can be submerged completely in water
  • Very environmentally-friendly
  • Very affordable


Our advice would be not to buy this thinking that it is going to be the most amazing pump in the world.  On a good day, in the right setting, this will produce a good flow of water for its size and a good fountain height.

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