Blagdon 650 – 650L/hr Auto Shut off Feature Pump

When you are planning your new water feature or pond for your garden, you need to factor one important component into it all and that component is a pond pump.  These ingenious appliances are what helps keep ponds move, stay oxygenated and clean.  They can be used to provide the flowing water needed to bring water features to life.  If you are not familiar with the technology and designs of these pumps, you may wish to look around our site a bit more before choosing the pond pump you are interested in.

This is because when you come to look at the variety of pond pumps for sale out there, you may get a bit of a fright as there are thousands of different makes and models, all with features and dimensions and ratings that make them sound like the best pumps ever.  How can you find the right one for you?  By researching.  You need to work out the volume of your existing or proposed pump and then use that as a starting point, as well as having any features in mind and a budget to help fine-tune your decision.

What of the Blagdon 650?  Could this be the pond pump you need?  Let’s look at this great item in more detail and find out.


Despite its very bulky design, the Blagdon 650 is still a completely submersible pond pump and is capable of working with small water features and small ponds, depending on their size.  It is also designed,  as you will see further down the page, with the purpose of being a safer way to pump water in a feature or pond.

Maximum Flow Rate

It is always a good idea to look at the maximum flow rate that a pump you are interested can produce.  This Blagdon 650 is, as the name suggests, capable of 650 litres per hour and a maximum head height of 1.1 metres.  This is relatively small, so it is important to keep this in mind if you are looking for something more powerful.


The outlet on the Blagdon 650 pump has the options of either a 3/8″ or 1/2″ hose fitting, giving you a reasonable level of versatility when it comes to the attachments, filters and features you can connect the pump to.

Power Usage

As you would expect, this pond pump and its low flow rate is driven by a low power 7 Watts.  It is important to keep in mind that this is only designed for very small water features and will not work efficiently with anything bigger.


Extras are always good to get when you are spending money out on appliances that you need.  With this Blagdon 650 pump, you get the standard 10 metres of cabling.  Further to that though, you also get 2 different hose fittings, and the pump itself comes equipped with a special auto shut off feature which has been patented to turn off the pump to avoid it burning out and breaking down when the volume of water is too low.  It automatically starts up again when the water level in a pond or water feature is topped up again.


It is always good to know when you are spending your hard earned money on a particular product that you are getting good value for money and peace of mind.  The best way to get that peace of mind is knowing that the manufacturer has enough faith in their product to make a warranty available.  With the Blagdon 650 pump, just as with other Blagdon pumps, therefore, you will receive a full 3 year’s guarantee, meaning you do not have to worry if, through no fault of your own, the pump suffers from problems or issues.

What is Included In The Box?

  • 1 Blagdon 650 Auto Shut Off-Pump
  • 1 3/8″ hose fitting
  • 1 1/2″ hose fitting
  • 10 metres of cabling


  • Clever patented auto shut off mechanism for when the water level is too low, that will start up again when you fill it back up
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Instructions were easy to follow
  • Robust and reliable
  • Powerful enough for the price
  • Produces enough water flow for the price and power rating
  • Extremely affordable
  • Reliable construction by a reliable manufacturer
  • 10 metres of cabling


As it is a cheap pond pump and only produces a small amount of power and water flow, so if you are looking for anything other than a pump for small water features or ponds, you are best looking elsewhere.

Customer Comments

It is always advisable that you look at the customer reviews submitted on sites such as Amazon UK, to get a clearer picture of what it is like to own and use a product such as the Blagdon 650 water pump.  For the most part, the pump itself has been received well by over 180 customers of the 236 in total who submitted reviews awarding it the full 5-star rating.

Customers commented on how easy it was to setup, use and clean and that it works smoothly and efficiently for the price.  The only downside any customers who gave it a positive review mentioned was the fact that it could have been much more powerful.


This is an interesting one and is a bit of a departure from the normal design of Blagdon pond pumps.  However, despite the fact it may not be the most compact looking or most attractive pump on the market, the major selling point, when considering the low price, is the fact it comes with that specially designed shut off feature.  It takes a lot of the worry out of using the pump and leaving it to run while you are not always there to keep a watch on it. 

If the water volume lowers too much, the motor simply switches off and won’t start again until you add the appropriate volume of water.  After which it will automatically start again.   


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