Blagdon Midipond Pump 3500

Do you need to replace an old pond pump or are you looking to set up a brand new pond in your garden?  Either way, there are many good reasons to invest in a pond pump.  If you are intending on keeping fish, you will need a pump to keep the water moving and oxygenated to enable them to live.  Further to this, a pump will also stop the water from becoming stagnate and toxic.  Even if you are not looking to have some fish in it and just want a fancy little water feature, fountain or waterfall or just a nice bit of water to break up the continuous green colouring of your garden, you will still need a good quality pond pump, suitable for the dimensions of your pond.

That is a key term right there, it should be as good quality a pond pump as you can afford and the make and model you choose should definitely be made with the application you have in mind for it.  Looking at the range of products available nowadays, it can be quite a headache trying to figure out which are good pumps and which are not so good.  This is especially the case if you do not know what you are even looking at or looking for.  This is where we come into the picture.

We are here to help.  With that in mind, could the Blagdon Midipond Pump 3500 be the right one for your pond?  Let’s take a closer look at it and find out.


Blagdon have a lot of different models on the market and the Midipond Pump 3500, like most of the other pumps featured on this site, is a pump that can be placed fully under the water in your pond, also known as being submersible.  This has been designed with smaller ponds in mind, so if you have anything bigger than 1879 litres you should look at a different model.

Maximum Flow Rate

As those of you in the know will understand, the maximum flow rate is not the maximum flow rate when the pump is connected up to whatever you are intending to use it with, but rather the potential flow rate before it is connected.  While you could argue that this is not an accurate reading then, it does give you an idea of how powerful it is.  Although this has been designed for the small ponds, it still produces a reasonable flow rate of 3500 litres per hour and a maximum pumping height of 1.5 metres, which is perfect for small features, fountains and waterfalls you may have.


The hose outlet for the Blagdon Midipond Pump 3500 provides you with the option of three different sizes – 25 mm 19 mm and 12.5 mm.  Blagdon have always been contentious to ensure that their products are as customisable as possible.

Power Usage

As you’d expect from a pump with a relatively low flow rate, it also is driven by a relatively low powered motor with a power rating of just 47 Watts.  Although this may seem like not enough power for the kind of features you might want to connect to this pump, look further down at the customer reviews and you will see that it still packs a mighty punch.


Blagdon know how much we all like receiving extras for the price we pay for a device or appliance.  With the Blagdon Midipond 3500 therefore, you get a wide variety of extras.  These extras include the 10 metres of cabling that have become standard, t-piece flow control valves for features and fountains, telescopic 30 cm extension pipe for fountain, fixed size 20 cm extension pipe for fountain, 3 interchangeable hose fittings (noted under outlet) and 5 different fountain heads (Tulip Jet, Bell Jet, Daisy Jet, Triple Jet and Foam Jet), as well a foam pre-filter.


When you buy something online or from a physical store, you want to know that if there is any issues with it, you are covered and will not be expected to pay full price for a replacement or the cost of repairs, if the issues are not your fault.  Blagdon understand this need for trust from their customers and have placed their 3 year’s guarantee against the Midipond pump 3500.

What is Included In The Box?

  • 1 Midipond pump 3500
  • 1 10 metres of cabling
  • 1 T-piece with fountain and feature flow control valves
  • 1 30cm adjustable telescopic fountain extension pipe
  • 1 20cm fixed fountain extension pipe
  • 3 interchangeable hose fittings – 1” (25mm), ¾“(19mm) and ½“(12.5mm)
  • 5 fountain heads – Foam Jet, Triple Jet, Daisy Jet, Bell Jet, Tulip Jet
  • Optional foam pre-filter


  • Easy to setup and maintain
  • Does not clog up as easy as less expensive and less well made pond pumps
  • Well arranged and detailed instruction manual explains everything you need to know about setting up and using the pump
  • Robust and nicely weighted so that it will stay in place where you put it in your pond
  • Full range of assorted pipe fittings, extension pipes, attachments and heads for whatever type of feature, fountain or waterfall you want
  • 10 metres of cabling
  • Powerful for the price tag


  • The main complaint is that most customers felt it was going to produce more power than it did

Customer Comments

What we say and what the manufacturers say about certain products is important, but only to a certain degree.  You need to look at what other customers have to say about a product such as this Blagdon Midipond Pump 3500.  Although it is far from a perfect pond pump, of the 158 reviews submitted on Amazon UK, there are 102 reviewers who give it some good ratings.

Most were relatively happy with how easy the pump was to install and maintain, with the only real downside being the lack of power it produces.


Taking into consideration, everything we have looked at, it is easy to see if you are looking for a reasonable quality pump designed for a smaller sized pond, you should give careful thought to whether this Blagdon Midipond Pump 3500 could be best for you.

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