Fish Mate 15000 Pressurized Bio Pond Filter With Powerclenz

Pet Mate is a very popular manufacturer of pet and pond products and accessories that have been in business since the latter half of the 1980’s. Their popularity is not without good reasons, as they are known for making excellent and efficient products like this Fish Mate 15000 Pressurized Bio Pond Filter.

If you have or are planning a large pond that you are looking to invest in a filter that combines filtration and clarification in one compact unit, then this might be the best product for you. With its self-cleaning Powerclenz feature and the combination of both mechanical and biological filtration, it is hard to argue with what makes this filter work as well as it does.

Easy To Install

Some pond pumps, filters and other associated appliances and accessories are not always particularly easy to install. Not the Fish Mate 15000. As this can be either installed below ground level or above it, it is very easy to setup. This means that almost out of the box, the filter can be working to keep your pond clean and sparkling.

Patented-Automatic Cleaning System – Powerclenz

One of the things that makes this particular pond filter stand out from others on the market, including those for similar prices is the fact that it features Powerclenz. Powerclenz is the Fish Mate patented automatic cleaning system which makes maintaining your filter as easy as turning a knob.

Mechanical and Biological Filtration

Another point that ensures this Fish Mate 15000 will surely appeal to you if you are looking for a filter that offers you a great return on your investment is that includes a combination of biological and mechanical filtration. This combination ensures that the water in your pump is healthy for any fish or sea life you keep there or intend on keeping and that it has a mirror-style crystal clear quality.

Lid For Easy Maintenance

The lid to the Fish Mate 15000 is secured by a single clamp ring, which allows to carry out easy maintenance on the filter. With the Powerclenz that is highlighted above, this product has been designed and constructed with you, the end user, firmly in mind.

Great Value Three Year Guarantee

Ideally, when you are looking to buy products online, especially those that you can’t get a close look at in person (but others too), they should come with a guarantee. This Fish Mate comes with Pet Mate’s fully inclusive three year guarantee to cover all repairs and replacements as and when required.

What’s In The Box?

  • Fish Mate 15000 Pond Filter
  • Mechanical foam filter
  • Supra+ Biological filter media
  • Single clasp ring-secured lid for easy maintenance
  • Powerclenz automatic-cleaning system
  • 5 meters of power cabling


The Fish Mate 15000 Pressurized Pond Filter from Pet Mate is the ideal addition to any pond setup, especially if yours has a particularly large volume. Not only will it keep your pond crystal clear, but it is incredibly easy to maintain thanks to the lid on top and the Powerclenz feature.


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