Fish Mate 2500 GUV Gravity UV Plus Bio Pond Filter Review

Are you in the market for a great pond filter and clarification system to work alongside your pump, or the pump you are planning to buy? This Fish Mate GUV Gravity Filter might be just what you are looking for in a product. Fish Mate is a line of pond products from Pet Mate, a reputable and long running manufacturer of pet products and accessories that has been business since 1986. Therefore, the Fish Mate 2500 Gravity Filter is an ideal choice if you are looking for your pond setup.

Filter And Clarification All In One Compact Product

What makes this filter stand out from the sea (pardon the pun) of competitors? It is the fact that it combines biological filtration with UV clarification to ensure your pond water is crystal clear and purified to a high standard, but at a very affordable and desirable price.

Large Capacity Filter

Depending on the number of fish you keep in your pond and the amount of direct sunlight it is exposed to, this Fish Mate 2500 Gravity filter is ideal for ponds with as much as 2500 litres of water. This also sets it apart from many of the other items within the same price range as this Fish Mate accessory.

None Of The Usual Problems Associated With UV Clarification Units

As the UV tubes for this unit sit above the water, there are none of the associated problems with traditional UV clarification features. So, problems like frost damage, the need to replace the quartz tubing regularly and scaling are more or less eliminated.

Two Part Filtration System

The Fish Mate filtration system is a two-part system involving a SUPRA and biological filter media, along with a filter sponge that acts as a mechanical filter.

It is sometimes quite difficult to maintain pond filters and UV clarification units, but with this Fish Mate problem, this is not an issue as it comes with a lid on a hinge that provides you with very easy access to all the necessary components.

Three Year Guarantee

Manufacturers who put their money where their mouths are, are the ones you should really put trust in and invest in their products. One of the best ways they can do this is by offering a realistic and helpful guarantee on their products and Pet Mate provides a full three-year guarantee for this Fish Mate GUV Gravity Filter.

What’s In The Box?

  • Fish Mate 2500 GUV Pond Filter
  • Slow Flow UV Chamber
  • Multi size inlet – 19mm to 25mm
  • UV reflector
  • Profiled sponge mechanical filter
  • SUPRA and biological filter media
  • 3 year guarantee


If you are looking for an affordable filter that not only filters the water flowing in your pond but sends it through UV clarification too. This helps to ensure that your pond is as eye-catching and attractive as it can be, as well as being a healthy and comfortable place for any fish you keep to live.


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