How to Make Your Garden Pond Standout

So, you want to build a pond in your garden? Perhaps you’ve already got one and realized first-hand that it’s not enough to make your garden look amazing. After all, a pond is just a hole that’s been lined and filled with water. The things that really make a pond stand out and something pretty that adds to the overall look, feel and ambience of your garden, are the accessories you use to decorate and make it more appealing and stand out. If you’re struggling though, to choose the best accessories, don’t worry as we’re going to outline some great options in this post.


An easy, but effective way to give your pond a little substance is to add a rockery to it. You have two basic options for this – more contemporary crushed rocks or larger traditional boulders. Either are ideal for adding dimension and depth to your pond.

LED Lighting

Lighting is always a quick and easy way to add a touch of drama and aesthetics to just about anything, including a pond. The light hitting the rocks and if you have any fish in your pond can really make it come to life more, rather than it just being a simple and plain body of water. Where you place them is up to you, but it can be a nice touch to have so LED lights around the perimeter of the pond to illuminate it after dark, with maybe one or two, different coloured spotlights directed at the water itself.

It’s not just around the perimeter or on the outside of the pond that you can put lighting. There are an amazing array of underwater/submersible pond lights on the market these days. They can be used to light up your pond, particularly at nighttime e and you can even get some that will display a pattern or run through a cycle of multiple colours. So, you don’t need to settle on just one of your favourite colours.

Water Features

Obviously, an easy way, aside from adding koi or goldfish to your pond, to make it really stand out is by adding a water feature. There is such a diverse range of water features available right now that it is not too hard finding one that suits your needs. Depending on your budget, the size of the pond and your own personality and personal taste, you could have something as simple as a miniature fountain or truly elaborate like an elephant spitting water from its trunk.

Water features are incredibly easy to install with some truly user-friendly setups available.

Metal Garden Trellis

A series of metal garden trellis can be used to decorate around the edge of your pond or half of the pond. This will not only act as a safety measure but will further highlight the pond and draw the eye towards it. It also means that even from further away in your garden, if you have a particularly big one, you will also be able to see your pond.

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