How to Select the Right Pond Pump for Your Pond

In order to ensure that any pond or fountain in your garden is operating properly, you will need to choose the right pump for your system. The size of the pump will determine the volume of water that it pumps, as measured in gallons per hour (GPH). Maintaining the proper movement of water is essential for maintaining the overall system. If water is not properly circulated, it can cause a buildup of algae and attract insects such as mosquitos.

Similarly, if you keep fish or plants in your fountain, poor water movement can deprive them of vital nutrients and oxygen. If you want the wildlife in and around your pond to stay healthy, you will need to make sure that you have an appropriate pump system. The following guide will help you in making sure that you choose the correct pump for your system.

Why it Matters

Having the wrong pump, and therefore an inadequate water circulation can ruin otherwise beautiful water features. Pumps for ponds come in two main types, either submersible or external. As you’ve probably guessed, the submersible pump goes inside the pond, while an external pump stays out of the water. Each pump offers specific advantages depending upon the set up you have.

Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are designed to work most efficiently in deeper water. They are placed in the deepest area of the pond, inside a protective box. This type of pump is easy to install, for smaller ponds they usually provide the most economical pumping system. Submersible pumps are very quiet, and many can also be used to empty your pond if necessary.

External Pumps

On the other hand, external pond pumps are more the more energy efficient choice. This type of pump is best suited to larger ponds. They are installed above ground in a dry place, nearby to the pond. External pumps run a lot louder than submersible pumps. They are more difficult to install than submersible pumps, but once they are installed they require much less maintenance.

The overriding consideration when deciding on the right type of pump will be the size of the pool you are buying for. As a general rule, submersible pumps should be used in pools of up to 1000 gallons in volume, while external pumps are better suited for ponds larger than this.

Other Factors

Ideally, you want the water in the pond to circulate at least one time every hour. This means that if you have a pond of 500-gallons, for example, you need a pump that is rated at 500 GPH. Some pumps feature pressurized filters, if so, you want it to circulate water at least once every 2 hours instead. This allows a 500 GPH pump to service a 1000-gallon pond.

Choosing the right pump for your pond is essential in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem and to keep your pond clean and healthy. Make sure that you choose a pump that is rated correctly for your pool, and that your water is able to circulate correctly.

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