Hozelock Ecocel 2500 Pond Filter

So you have the pond and you have some fish in it and you notice that the water is starting to look less than pleasant, what do you do?  You need to invest in a pond filter system.  A filter system is important and should is as crucial to the health of a pond as a pump is an appliance that can actually clean the water and not only make it healthier but also make it look better too.  Hozelock have made a name for themselves as a manufacturer of gardening and aquatic products, and this is yet another great addition to their family of products.

Why should you consider investing in the Hozelock Ecocel 2500 Pond Filter?  Let’s take a closer look at it in the below review and see.

Utilises A Mechanical And Biological Filtration Combination

Hozelock have designed a filter that uses both mechanical and biological filtration systems to ensure that the water that is passed through it from your pond is always healthy, free of toxins and crystal clear.

How Does This Particular System Actually Work?

The Hozelock Ecocel works by water being pumped into the filter via the spray head which is then passed evenly over a foam sheet.  The foam sheet stops any solid particles from going any further and once the water is almost completely free of solids, it is passed through a plastic bio-media.  The bio-media uses beneficial bacteria to cleanse any pollutants present in the water.  The purified water is then passed through the outlet tube and back into the pond where it comes out clear and clean.

The Ecocel is an above ground filter that combines mechanical and biological filtration.

Requires A Powerful Enough Pump

Unlike some of the sets we have looked at on this site, this is a stand-alone filter system and does not come with a pump.  If you do not have a pump or a spare pump, you should be sure to choose one that will be powerful enough to send enough water through the filter quick enough.  This is especially important if your pond has fish living in it.

Customer Comments

Another popular item from the industry leaders at Hozelock, the Hozelock Ecocel has received a total of 90 reviews on Amazon UK and the encouraging thing is that, despite some negative reviews, more than 70 reviewers awarded the filter unit with a 4 star rating or higher, meaning it scored an average of 4.3 stars out of 5.  Most customers who left positive feedback praised the ease of use and how effective the filter was, but also warned to take care of the fittings.


The Hozelock Ecocel 2500 relatively inexpensive filter, considering the great and positive experiences shared by customers.  However, one of the reasons it is not as expensive than other filter sets is because it does not come with a pump.  Therefore, if you need to buy a new pump or a separate one for the filter, you will need to factor that into your budget.  That all being said, with the right pump, this is a great tool for keeping your pond clean, healthy and clear.

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