Jebao Filter and UV Clarifier Combo for ponds up to 6000L #UBF-6000

On other pages, we have made a lot of noise about how important it is to have pumps for your ponds, but a more important piece of equipment that you should not consider having a pond without is a filter of some kind.  The filter works in conjunction with a suitable pond pump to clean the water of any toxins, harmful chemicals and other bio-media before pouring it back into the pond.  This results in a clean, clear and very healthy pond, which is essential if you are intending on keeping fish.

With so many filters on the market, it is wise to question why one, in particular, is better than others.  Therefore, why is the Jebao Filter And UV Clarifier Combo worth considering if you have a pond with a capacity of up to 6000 litres?  Let’s look at it in closer detail and see what it has to offer.

Combines Filter And UV Clarifier For A Clear And Clean Pond

Ultraviolet light has become a standard in the majority of filters and this Jebao filter and UV Clarifier Combo makes perfect use of it, combining it with a mechanical filter for amazing results.  How does it actually work?  To begin with, the water is passed from the pond through the high standard UV clarifier that separates any impurities in the water and exposes them to the powerful rays of UV light.  It is then passed through the foam layers that remove and hold onto the larger particles of solid matter present in the water and then it is passed through the special bio balls where beneficial bacteria helps to digest the smaller pieces of solid matter.  The water is then passed back into the pond via the outlet pipe.  You can also choose to pass the water through to a waterfall if you want to add a little spectacle to the pond cleaning process.


While it is not wise to dismiss any negative feedback about a product, it is always sensible to look at the negative and positive comments equally and decide from that, while considering your available budget as to whether you feel it is a good risk or not.  We think, Jebao have a good reputation for producing high performing aquatic equipment and that alone is the reason to give serious thought to purchasing this filter.

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