Jebao Submersible Water Pond Pump with Fountain Attachments 4000L/h #PF4000

When you install a pond in your garden, it can add some much-needed life and drama to an otherwise uninspiring setting.  Regardless of whether you are aiming to fill it with some colourful and lively fish or want a water feature or two, or a combination of both; there is a lot more to having a pond than just making space for it, filling it with water and letting it get on with it.  It requires regular care and maintenance and in order to keep up with this, you need to invest in a good pond pump.

If you look online though and put into Google or your preferred search engine, you will be met with an extremely high number of results.  This can feel very overwhelming, especially if you are completely new to the world of pond pumps.  This is why it is important to give careful consideration to the product you buy, rather than just jumping in and buying the first pond pump you come across.

Could the Jebao Submersible water pond pump with fountain attachments 4000 litres per hour be the right pump for you and your pond needs?


Similarly to other Jebao water pumps and as its name suggests, this Jebao Submersible Water Pond Pump with Fountain Attachments is completely submersible in water being directly connected to whatever filter, water feature or waterfall you are running in your pond.

Maximum Flow Rate

While it is never a true indication of the maximum flow rate you will have once you have the pump connected up to a filter, water feature or waterfall; the maximum flow rate is still a good indicator of how effective and powerful a pump is.  With regards to this model in the Jebao range, it provides a maximum flow rate of 4000 litres per hour, and produces a maximum head height of 2.9 metres which is slightly higher than many other products in the same price range.


We were not able to find the specific outlet measurements, but with Jebao products there is always a wide range of attachments to enable different hoses of different widths to be connected.

Power Usage

Obviously, the reason you should be interested in the power rating of a pump is that it will determine how good it will actually be at providing the specified flow rate and head height.  As this a juicier pump, it has a more powerful engine capable of 75 Watts.  We are very impressed by this as the price is not much higher than the lower flow rate and cheaper models.


Besides the actual pump itself, it is always good, even at such a low price, to get a little something extra.  Not only does getting appropriate accessories with the pump at the same time of purchase make a lot of sense and save you some time and money; you also know then that the fittings will fit properly as they have been made with that particular pond pump in mind.  With the Jebao Submersible Water Pond Pump with Fountain Attachments 4000, you get the standard 10 metres of cabling, plus a wide variety of different heads to produce different water feature patterns.  Warranty

A warranty is an essential part of any deal, especially when you are buying something online such as this Jebao pump.  Fortunately, Jebao understand the importance of this and provide with all of their products a full 12 month’s guarantee at no extra cost.  As well as giving you peace of mind that you will be able to fix problems with your pump, it also increases the likelihood you will shop and purchase Jebao products in the future.

What is Included In The Box?

  • 1 Jebao submersible water pond pump 4000
  • 10 metres of cabling
  • Selection of heads and attachments of varying sizes


  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Easily customisable
  • Highly affordable for the motor size
  • Suitable for salt water and fresh water ponds
  • Lightweight and compact, while being robust and sturdy
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with a selection of attachments and heads to fit whatever features you are planning on running
  • 10 metres of cabling
  • Powerful for the price tag

Customer Comments

It is always a good idea when shopping online for anything, from a pair of waterproof trousers to a pond pump like this one, to also look at the customer reviews as well as the product description.  This will not only give you a better idea of what it is like to use a product on a day to day basis but could also highlight flaws and plus points that the general information overlooks.  When you look at the reviews for this Jebao Submersible Water Pond Pump with Fountain Attachments 4000, it is easy to see that for the most part it has been received positively by customers who have used it.


Keeping in mind the good name that Jebao have, the price tag and the reasonable amount of positive comments and reviews submitted regarding the Jebao Submersible Water Pond Pump with Fountain Attachments 4000, you have to look at your own needs and requirements from a pond pump and figure out if this is the one for you.

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