Oase BioSmart 14000 Set

Although pumps are very important if you have a pond, there is something that you really should have set up alongside a good quality pump and that’s a filter.  To save a lot of hassle, and for those who have a larger budget to play around with, there are actually sets that include both a pump and a filter system that works together.  To explain it simply, the pump pushes sends the water from the pond through hosing up to the filter, which the water then passes through, with the Oase BioSmart range there are special foam filters that stop particles and other solid matter that can discolour the water and make it toxic, before passing it back into the pond clean and crystal clear.

Given how important having a filter and pump system is to having a clean pond, and taking into consideration the price tag, why should you invest in the Oase BioSmart 14000 Set?  Let’s take a closer look at what makes this a good investment.

Denitrification And Nitrification Zones

One of the features that make the Oase BioSmart 14000 Set stand out above the others is the different sponges that the water is passed through.  When it is passed through these sponges, various decomposition products such as poisonous and dangerous chemicals like ammonia are completely transformed and converted into non-toxic end products as they are passed back into the pond at the other end of the filter.

UVC Unit

Further to the above, there is also as standard in the majority of Oase filter sets, the Oase BioSmart 14000 Set features a highly effective filter UVC unit that helps tackle the build-up of algae and pathogens in the water of the pond.  It does this by either completely eradicating these harmful substances or by reducing them to a very safe level.

Further to the integrated cleaning and filtration features mentioned above, there are also important specifications you should pay close attention to, as these will indicate if this pump and filter set is right for your pond.

Important Specifications

The Oase BioSmart 14000 Set is powered by a 70 Watts motor, so relatively powerful and it is suitable for ponds with a capacity of up to 14,000 litres.  As this is a set you are supplied with a pump that is perfectly matched to the actual filter, the Oase Filter Pump 3500.


Although this is not a cheap setup, if you have a very large pond and you want to keep it clean, either for aesthetic reasons or a combination of aesthetic reasons and to look after the livestock you have in it, then there are clear reasons why you should consider this Oase BioSmart 14000 Set.

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