Oase BioSmart UVC 16000

Ponds are a great addition to your back garden for a number of reasons.  Not only do they break up the greenery, but they provide a great place to have a water feature or keep ponds or both if you so choose it.  However, as you will know if you have conducted any research or looked around our site, they are not quite as easy to look after as you may originally think.  That is, they are not easy to maintain and keep clean without investing in some important pieces of equipment – a good quality pond pump and filter system.  Oase is a very popular company in the aquatics industry and is known for designing and manufacturing reliable and high performing filters and pumps and there are even sets that you can buy that include both.

Why should you consider purchasing the Oase BioSmart UVC 16000? 

Large Foam Filter For Removing Debris And Solid Matter

As is standard with most of the Oase range of filters, the water is passed through a large foam surface that traps any particles of solid matter and debris, removing it from the water.  This is just one of the steps in the effective filtering process at work in Oase filters.

Temperature Gauge

If you are intending on keeping fish in your pond, you may wish to keep track of the temperature of the pond.  With the Oase BioSmart 16000, you can do this very easily at any time by looking at the top of the filter unit.

As well as all of the above, it is important to note the following specifications to see if this filter would be suitable for your pond.

Important Specifications

The Oase BioSmart 16000 runs comfortably in ponds of up to 16000 litres and is driven by a strong, but silent 11 Watts motor.  Ideally, you should look to match it with a good quality pond pump, many of which are reviewed and highlighted here.


It is not the smallest investment ever, but if you are serious about having a clean and healthy pond, you need the right equipment to make that possible and this Oase BioSmart UVC 16000 may just be the thing you need.

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