Pondpush 17000 Pond Pump Review

Pondpush 17000 pond pump review? Whether you are looking to replace your current pond pump because it has seen better days or has stopped working completely or you are planning a new pond, you should be looking at buying a pond pump.  A pond is an interesting thing to have in your garden and can prove to be an nice talking point for when you have friends or family visiting, can help you to teach your children about looking after animals etc. or can just be a nice finishing touch to a tranquil part of your garden for relaxation after a hard day.

As mentioned you need a pond pump though as it is not nearly as simple as digging out the area, lining it and filling it with water.  Ponds need daily and weekly maintenance to keep the water healthy, and any fish or animals that may be living in it or otherwise use it.  This is why it is crucial that you buy a high quality pond pump and do not settle immediately on the first one you come across.

This is made harder though by the vast number of products available now.  We hope though, that reviews like this one of the Pondpush 17000 Garden pond pump are helpful in your search.


The Pondpush 17000 garden pond pump is a submersible pump designed specifically with pond filters and waterfalls in mind.  It has a very space saving and eco-friendly build and design.  Even though it is not a determining factor in whether it works well or not, it is worth pointing out that this pump is very appealing aesthetically.

Maximum Flow Rate

Obviously one of the things you will be most interested in and should be most interested in is the maximum flow rate that a pond pump such as the Pondpush 17000 is capable of and as indicated by the name, this pump is capable of 17,000 lph.  Although the actual flow rate will be closer to 16,600 litres per hour, it is still a lot higher than some products that cost the same or more.  With waterfalls in mind, it is also worth noting that it is capable of producing a maximum head height of approximately 2 metres.


With the Pondpush 17000, the outlet for attachments is an adjustable rotatable outlet on a ball joint that can take hoses of 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm and 40 mm.  We think this would be more than enough to give you the versatility to connect this pump up to a variety of different filters and waterfalls.

Power Usage

To match the impressive flow rate, the Pondpush 17000 is powered by a much larger motor than many of the pumps highlighted on this site, but at 220 Watts outage, we are actually surprised it wasn’t more.  Obviously, it does cost a whole lot more than the average pond pump, but we are sure you will agree, if you are looking for a more powerful pump you can expect to pay a higher price for it.


Besides the standard 10 metres length of cabling, there does not appear to be much in the way of extras that come with this particular pond pump.  However, it is worth mentioning, as it has been designed specifically to be used with filters (and waterfalls), that the Pondpush 17000 is capable of handling solid matter of up to 6 mm.


With the Pondpush 17000 garden pond pump you get a full 12 month’s warranty from the manufacturer, PondXpert.  This is great, because we feel that as PondXpert are not as well known as other pond pump brands whose products we have reviewed on this site; and when you are unsure whether to trust a company or not, one thing that can build that trust up a little is a warranty for when anything goes wrong with the product that is not your fault.

What is Included In The Box?

  • 1 Pondpush 17000 Garden Pond Mop
  • Very Aesthetically pleasing for a different and striking look
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean
  • 100 metres of cable
  • Quiet running
  • Robust and sturdy design and manufacturing
  • Rotatable outlet ball joint for easy attachment and disconnection of hoses
  • Powerful motor


  • Very expensive
  • No extras are included, apart from the electric cabling

Customer Comments

When you come across a product that looks like it could be a good one, but are not familiar with the brand, you could be reluctant to purchase it.  Although this is perfectly normal, as we trust brands we know of or have experience with, but one way you can get round this is by looking at the impartial reviews submitted regarding an item on sites such as Amazon UK.  From there you can get a sense of whether a product lives up to the manufacturer’s and the seller’s words.

The most striking thing you will notice immediately about the Pondpush 17000 garden pond pump on Amazon UK is that of the 38 people who have reviewed the item, 37 have given it the full 5 star rating, with the only remaining customer scoring it 4 stars.  It therefore, at the moment, has an unbeatable average of 5 out of 5 stars.  It only takes a few seconds of reading the accompanying reviews to see why it has scored so highly.  Whether it is the sturdy build, just how easy it is to put together and set-up or the fact that it works so well; everyone has had a good experience using this pump.


Although we are not familiar with the brand and maybe you aren’t, we can’t argue much with the specifications of this pond pump and the glowing reviews and ratings it has received by lots of satisfied customers; we feel it is worth taking a risk with.  You get a powerful motor that produces a powerful flow rate, that is virtually silent running  and can also help clear solid matter of up to 6 mm.

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