Pontec – PondoMax Eco Waterfall & Pond Filter Pumps (1500)

Are you interested in establishing a nice pond in your back garden?  Are you considering the purchase of some fish and water features so that you have something interesting to look at during the warm summer months?  Ponds are a great way to add a little something different to your garden and a great way to break up the greenery.  There is more involved in setting up a garden pond, however than just digging a hole, filling it with water and hoping for the best.  You need to properly maintain a pond, particularly if you want fish inhabiting it to have long and fruitful lives.

This is why, when you plan a pond you need to plan and budget for a reasonably good pond pump.  As well as keeping the water oxygenated and aerated so that the fish have oxygen to intake and survive; a pond pump will also help keep the water clean and crystal clear, as well as pushing the needed flow of water to run a water feature, fountain or waterfall.

Looking at the choice available at the moment can be quite intimidating, as there are so many pond pumps available now – all claiming to be the best.  Well, you’ve come to the right place because knowledge is power and in order to avoid making costly mistakes, you need to conduct proper research and read through reviews like this one.

Could the Pontec PondoMax Eco Waterfall And Pond Filter Pumps be the appliance you need for your pond?  Let’s have a look at it in closer detail.


As with the rest of the pond pumps advertised on this site, this Pontec PondoMax Eco Waterfall and Pond filter pumps is a fully submersible pump that sits below the surface of the water.  From there it can be connected up to whatever filters, water features or fountains you wish to run.

Maximum Flow Rate

Obviously when you are looking for a pond pump, one of the main things you will be looking at is the maximum flow rate as this is how much water is moved by the pump over the course of an hour.  The Pontec PondoMax Eco Waterfall and Pond filter Pumps has a maximum flow rate of 1500 litres per hour and although this is only the potential flow rate when the pump is not connected to anything, it still shows that even for a low price, it is still powerful.


The diameter of the outlet connector is always important to consider as this is the part of the pump you will use to connect it up to your water feature, fountain or filter.  Pontec have ensured that there is a wide range of sizes that will work with this pump (19 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm and 38 mm) so there shouldn’t be problems getting it to work with appropriately sized features and filters/

Power Usage

When it comes to the power rating of a pond pump, the general rule is that if it has a high power rating – it will have a high flow rate.  The interesting thing with the Pontec PondoMax Eco Waterfall and Pond filter pump, however, is capable of a reasonably high maximum flow rate but is still only driven by a motor that only produces 25 Watts of power.


Extras are always good to get when you are buying something, especially something that may need accessories to make it easier to use or to function properly.  Mostly though, a product having extras with it means for us that we are going to save some money or that our money is going further than we intended it to.  The Pontec is quite a low price pond pump, so there was no real reason to suspect it would come with much in the way of extras, but it still did.  There is the stepped hose tail which means it can be adjusted to fit various sized hoses (as mentioned in the outlet section above).  In addition to that, there is also the standard 10 metres of cabling and most interestingly of all and not exactly an extra but a special feature of this pump is the thermal cut-off.  This is a safety mechanism that stops the pump from operating, particularly if the water levels are low as it could burn out.


A warrant is what gives you as a consumer peace of mind.  Obviously, you would rather the items you paid good money for did not break down and worked perfectly for a number of years.  It never really works like that and that is why it is good to have a warranty.  The Pontec PondoMax Eco Waterfall and Pond filter pump comes with a reassuring 3 year’s guarantee.

What is Included In The Box?

  • 1 Pontec PondoMax Eco Waterfall and Filter Pond Pump
  • 10 metres of cabling


  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Silent running
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Powerful enough motor
  • Thermal cut-off to avoid overheating
  • Stepped outlet for various sizes of hose connections
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • 10 metres of cabling
  • 3 year’s guarantee


If you are looking for a reliable, silent running pond pump that won’t disturb your fish but will keep the water they dwell in nice and healthy, you may want to consider the Pontec PondoMax Eco Waterfall and Filter Pond Pump.

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