If you want to make life easier for yourself then you might consider looking at preformed ponds to get your pond up and running in no time.

Basically, this means getting a preformed pond liner, putting it in the space you have dug and then filling it with water. While this sounds really simple, there are some points to take into account before you can go ahead and get the pond you have been dreaming of.

Best Preformed Ponds

Bermuda Sand Pre Formed Pond 128 x 84 cm / Pond Liner

This is a great little-preformed pond that has a capacity of 120 litres (26.3 gallons). As a cheap and cheerful way of adding an interesting feature to your outdoor space, it is definitely worth taking a look at.

With a depth of just 36 cm, this Bermuda Sand Pre Formed Pond is an easy pond to fill with water and then to maintain. It is a durable pond with a 20-year guarantee and it includes a pump stand and other nice features that make it easy to set up and then to use.


  • Easy to install
  • Tough and durable
  • 20-year guarantee

Pisces Pre Formed Pond – Medium (55 Litres)

This is described as a medium sized garden pond but the fact that it only holds 55 litres of water tells us that it is really very small. The material is a nice 2mm thick Polyethylene and it has built-in plant shelves and wildlife escape routes.

There is a recess for your pump and the whole Pisces Pre Formed Pond is easy to install. All in all, it is the kind of preformed pond that would suit someone looking for a small starter pond.


  • Low price
  • Very easy to get started with
  • Good for wildlife

Bermuda Pre-Formed Pond – Bay 460 litres


Holding 460 litres and with dimensions of L167 x W123 x D46cm, this is a bigger pond than the previous models we looked at. It has a nice design and will slot in easily in just about any type of garden.

The Bermuda Pre-Formed Pond is made out of tough high-density polyethylene and the manufacturer is so sure it will do a good job that comes with a 20-year guarantee. It is recommended that you use it with a pump to prevent the water stagnating.


  • Decent size for a medium pond
  • Reasonable price
  • Made of tough material

Ladybower Black Plastic Heavy Duty Garden Pond 140 Litres

The 140 litre Ladybower Black Plastic Heavy Duty Garden Pond give an affordable way of getting an instant pond at home. It is made from robust high-density black polyethylene.

This is described as being perfect for getting some wildlife into your garden. No liner is needed, so you just dig a hole and place it in there.


  • Good size for a garden wildlife pond
  • Tough construction
  • Value for money
  • Good-looking design

Apollo 150L Start Pond

This tough preformed pond is made from PVC plastic and has a built-in shelf for plants. It can hold up to 150 litres, so it is a fairly modest size.

The Apollo 150L Start Pond has dimensions of 119 x 79 x 42cm. It would really be most suitable for someone with a fairly small garden that they want to make the most of.


  • Looks solid and dependable
  • Good price
  • Easy to install

Rainworth Preformed Starter Garden Pond (77cm x 70cm)

The low cost Rainworth Preformed Starter Garden Pond offers a simple way of getting a small but attractive pond at home. It is made of durable plastic and had neatly stepped ledges.

It has dimensions of just; length 77cm, width 70cm and depth 28cm. A capacity of only 65 litres makes it one of the smallest preformed ponds around.


  • Very cheap
  • No need for a liner to be used
  • Can be fitted in no time at all

What Are Preformed Ponds? (also known as rigid pond liners)

To put it simply, these are pond liners that are already cut to size and shaped for use as a pond and may include steps doe plants and to act as animal escape routes. They are typically made of a highly durable material such as fibreglass and will come with a long guarantee on them.

This is an alternative to buying a flexible pond liner and cutting it to shape before fitting it. So, which approach would suit you best?

The Advantages of Preformed Pond Liners

The first and biggest advantage to using this kind of pond liner is that it is incredibly simple to use. All you have to do is buy a liner for the size that you want and fit it into the hole that you have ready for it.

You can then fill in around the edges using dirt or sand and you are ready to fill it with water. On the other hand, if you go for a flexible liner then you need to carefully measure up the dimensions and then cut it to shape. It can also be reasonably tricky to work with a tough and durable flexible liner in this way.

It is especially preferable when you want to fit a pond above ground level.

You will expect your preformed liner to last for longer than a flexible version, although these tend to last for a fairly long time as well, to be fair. If these preformed ponds do get damaged over the course of the years then it is fairly easy to find the problem and then fix it.

There is no need to spend time worrying about the time needed to design it or plan it either when you get a liner that it simply ready to use. Once it is in place the maintenance will tend to be easier as well.

The Disadvantages of preformed pond liners

The higher cost of a preformed pond liner is one of the main drawbacks to this approach. If you want a cheap pond to liven up your garden then you might be tempted to go for a lower cost, flexible liner instead.

In addition, the lack of flexibility can be a problem for some people. You can’t make any last minute changes to the design or make it up as you along when you use a preformed pond liner. We would also like to note that it is hard to find large preformed pond. If its a large pond you are after, then a preformed pond probably isn’t for you.

If you want to be creative and get exactly the form of a pond that you have in your mind then you will find that using a flexible liner is going to make it a lot easier to do this. Otherwise, you will need to stick to the designs and sizes that are currently available.

Of course, if you make a mistake with the shape or size when measuring up then you are going to be stuck with what you have.

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