When choosing what type of pond pump to use one of the main options that you will see is that of submersible pond pumps.

As the name suggests, these are pond pumps that are placed directly into the water. This is a popular option and there are definitely some good reasons for choosing one of these models.

Having said that, there are some limitations with this sort of pump that you will want to know about and take into account in our submersible pond pump reviews.

Best Submersible Pond Pumps

Jebao Submersible Water Pond Pump with Fountain Attachments 3000L/h #PF3000

This pond pump is easy to hook up and get started with. It provides an excellent flow of 3000 litres per hour and has a maximum head height of 2.8 metres when used as a water feature or for a fountain.

This Jebao Submersible Water Pond Pump is a 60-watt model that is powerful enough to deal with a medium-sized pond and can be set up for attractive water features.


  • 12-month warranty
  • Respected manufacturer in this industry
  • Versatile and can be used in a number of different settings

Jebao Jecod Super Low Wattage XOE-5000 Garden Pond Pump

Another model from the popular Jebao brand, this model is as easy to get going with as you would expect from a high-quality pump. The Jebao Jecod Super Low Wattage XOE-5000 allows for a flow of 5000 litres each hour and gives you a maximum fountain height of 3 metres.

It is worth noting that you can easily connect it to a variety of hose diameters; 19mm, 25mm, 32mm and 38mm. It runs on a powerful 40w motor and comes with an impressive 10 metres of cable too.


  • Powerful enough for big ponds
  • Easy to set up and then use
  • A year’s warranty
  • Tough but lightweight

Blagdon Midipond Pump 4500

The Blagdon Midipond pump 4500 comes from a well-established manufacturer with a good reputation in the industry. It is ideal for use in medium-sized ponds and can cope with 4500 litres per hour.

If you want to set up an attractive fountain in your pool then this pump will give you a maximum height of 2.4 metres. Interchangeable hose fittings of different sizes add to the flexibility and versatility on offer.


  • Good value pump
  • 5 different fountain heads and other accessories
  • Easy to use from day one
  • Good instructions

Hozelock 3354 1500LPH Cascade Waterfall and Fountain Pump


This submersible pump is a good quality model that pumps up to 1500 litres per hour and provides a maximum head height of 1.8 metres. This means that it is most suitable for smaller ponds.

The Hozelock 3354 1500LPH Cascade Waterfall and Fountain pump is a relatively low-cost option that operates at 33 watts. It is a solid choice if you want an economical pump for use in a smallish pond.


  • Low-cost option
  • 3-year warranty included
  • Well-built with solid construction
  • Anti-clogging for easy maintenance
  • Versatile pump


  • The anti-clogging feature has been criticised by some reviewers

Pondpush 17000 Garden Pond Pump for pond filters & waterfalls

If you want a submersible pump that you can just put in the water and forget about then the Pondpush 17000 Garden pond pump is a smart choice. It is a compact design and can push through an impressive 17000 litres per hour.

When you want a waterfall to brighten up your property then you can use this pump to get a maximum head height of around 2 metres. You can fit any one of a number of varying hose sizes onto the pump’s adjustable rotatable outlet.


  • Powerful 220-watt motor
  • Year’s warranty
  • Great for bigger ponds

The Benefits of Submersible Pumps 

To start with, we can see that it is very easy to hide a submersible pump out of sight in the water. This means that it isn’t going to cause any extra work or hassle when you are landscaping the area.

Another big benefit is that you can simply place it in the water without priming it first of all. On the other hand, non-submersible pumps need to be carefully positioned and well looked after so that there is water in them before they are turned on.

In general, submerged pumps are seen as being more efficient. This is mainly because they avoid the problems with pump cavitation that can happen when the pump is at a higher level than the surface of the water.

You will also find that this is a way of getting a very quiet pump, which is important for a lot of people.

The Drawbacks

The main drawback that pond owners encounter is when they don’t have the space necessary to fit a submersible pond into their pond. In this case, it is easier to use an external pump.

You will also need to take into account the fact that this sort of pump can overheat if it isn’t fully submerged in the water. Another potential issue is that the seal can deteriorate over time and this can be a time-consuming problem to fix.

You may also find that a submersible pump gets clogged up more easily than an external model would.

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