VicTsing 1.2 Watt Solar Power Water Pump Garden Fountain

Do you have a rockery or small pond in your garden that you want to jazz up a little and make a little more interesting?  Do you already have a pump and filter to deal with keeping the water fresh and crystal clear?  It could be time to invest in something like this little 1.2 Watt solar power water pump fountain.  It is in no way shape or form a replacement for a full sized pump for your pond and should only be seen as a decoration, but we still feel it is worth mentioning as it is a nice bit of fun for the asking price.  Let’s learn more about it.

Why Should You Consider This Mini Fountain Pump?

Miniature Sized

This thing is really quite small and will not take up too much space at all.  However, this also means that you need to be careful where you place it.  For it to work properly, it obviously needs to be completely submerged in water, which means without any aid it will easily fall over.  That being said, in a small rockery or another setup, it will work perfectly fine.

Solar Powered

As with some of the other accessories of this kind, this little pump is completely solar powered, which means it does not require any additional or external battery or other power sources to produce a decent flow of water.  This does mean that it will only work on a clear and sunny day and the strength and height of the water flow will depend greatly on the power of the sunlight.


  • Solar-powered so it does not require battery
  • Does not need a battery
  • Does not need any additional or external power supplies
  • This is best suited to a small rockery or another small body of water.  Due to its size and design, it can be utilised in various unique places, as long as it can be submerged completely in water
  • Very environmentally-friendly
  • Very affordable


Another fun little item.  For under a tenner, we reckon it is worth giving it a chance.  Just be under no illusion – this will not pump or filter water in a large pond and is only for decorative purposes.

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